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Political gamesmanship casts shadow over canola sector

China is still buying Canadian canola and the entire industry is hoping that doesn’t change

Concerns in the canola sector are mounting in lockstep with the growing tensions between China and Canada. “Everybody is very concerned about it,” a senior Canadian grain company official told Commodity News Service Canada. “If the conflict isn’t resolved, (canola) will be the obvious target, and that’s a deep concern to everybody.” The situation began […] Read more

Canola ripples felt widely through the Alberta and Canadian economies

The crop now contributes $26.7 billion a year to the Canadian economy, with a quarter of that in Alberta

Like a rock thrown in a lake creates ripples on shore, a new study shows the canola sector’s impact is growing large, causing ripples to turn to waves. Canola’s contribution to the Canadian economy has tripled over the past decade to $26.7 billion a year, according to an independent analysis done for the Canola Council […] Read more


Feed barley due for spring rally

Barley has been undervalued compared to feed wheat, but any price increases are likely to be modest

Feed barley in Western Canada usually sees a spring rally at this time of year, although the uptrend this year will be limited by large supplies still overhanging the market. Feed grains had trended lower through late February and into early March, with feed wheat leading to the downside. Losses in feed wheat spilled over […] Read more

Oats/corn spread narrows in as oats rise

The futures price may be high, but country bids are not

Oats futures at the Chicago Board of Trade are currently at their strongest levels relative to corn since 2006, as Canadian logistics issues have caused nearby oats contracts to jump higher while corn values hold steady. The March oats contract gained 16 US cents per bushel on Tuesday, Jan. 28, to close at $4.1675 per […] Read more

Churchill sets monthly record during a busy shipping year

Final tally for grain shipments expected to exceed 600,000 tonnes, with Richardson International surpassing CWB as top customer

CNSC / Churchill is nearing the end of a busy grain-shipping season, with the tonnage moving through the northern port expected to come in well above the previous year. “We’ll be wrapping up in the next 10 to 12 days,” Darcy Brede, president and chief operating officer of OmniTRAX, said late last month. More than […] Read more

Canola continues trading in a narrow $15 range

What happens with soybeans in the U.S. and South America could 
be the catalyst that breaks canola out of its range

ICE Futures Canada canola contracts held rangebound during the week ended Oct. 18, with November contract keeping well within the roughly $15 range it’s found itself in for most of the past month. While a few fields are still remaining, the bulk of the canola harvest is finished for the year. The crop is generally […] Read more