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Corn earning its keep on dairy operations in southern Alberta

ENERGY FOOD The high energy content of corn, along with its excellent digestibility, 
makes it a sought-after ration for milk producers

Reading Time: 2 minutes You don’t need a global positioning system to find dairy farms in southern Alberta these days — just look for the cornfields. Grain and silage corn have become dairy feed staples as producers search for the ideal rations to boost milk production. “It is a highly digestible forage, but high energy is the key,” said […] Read more

Corn acreage in southern Alberta is steadily increasing

Reading Time: 2 minutes Corn production is slowly increasing in southern Alberta, with most gains coming on the grain side of the industry, says an industry spokesman. Some of the increase comes on the heels of corn crop losses in the U.S., prompting more producers in Alberta to plant corn, while silage corn production is more static, said Elizabeth […] Read more

Lower seeding rates can sometimes be better in corn production

Choice The choice of seeding rate is an important decision for corn producers, but no single rate is best

Reading Time: 2 minutes Seeding rate and row spacing are key factors in the response of irrigated corn silage, according to a new study. The three-year study, which looked at irrigated corn silage production in southern Alberta, found that, on average, 84 per cent of seeds produced a plant. But plant establishment was 12 per cent higher in narrow […] Read more

Grower uses different varieties of corn on different soils

BALANCING ACT Barley is the mainstay of Herman Stroeve’s cattle-feeding business 
but his 600 acres of corn also play a key role

Reading Time: 2 minutes Corn silage has become Herman Stroeve’s secret weapon in producing fine beef. “Barley is still the backbone of a full-feed cattle operation, but corn adds some balance to the cattle ration.” Stroeve, along with 11 siblings, came to Canada from Holland more than 50 years ago and, with his brothers, built a cattle-feeding venture that […] Read more

Timing is key when irrigating silage corn crops

WATER WATCH A host of factors needs to be considered with creating an irrigation plan, 
but careful monitoring of available soil moisture is crucial

Reading Time: 3 minutes You need to add just the right amount of water to get a high-yielding, top-quality silage corn crop, says an irrigation expert. “Growers are encouraged to properly manage irrigation by regularly monitoring soil water to ensure that the availability of water does not become a limiting factor in producing a high-yielding silage corn crop,” said […] Read more

Alberta Hog Industry In A Financial Crisis

Reading Time: 2 minutes Alberta hog producers will be receiving $2.5 million in rebated levies, but it won’t be enough to avert a pending crash in the sector, say marketing board officials. The levy rebate of 85 cents a pig will total about $2 million for market hogs sold to packing plants by Alberta producers, and $500,000 for about […] Read more

Growing Global Population Puts Focus On Irrigation

Reading Time: 2 minutes AF CONTRIBUTOR |LETHBRIDGE Irrigation is key to feeding a hungry world and that will bring challenges and opportunities to southern Alberta’s irrigation industry, according to an irrigation expert. The global population will hit nine billion by 2025, and 80 per cent of the extra food needed by then will have to be produced on irrigated […] Read more

Local Resident Tries To Resolve Flooding Problem

Reading Time: 2 minutes It is one of those years when Terry and Lydia Lyon of Barons are on pins and needles, waiting for the inevitable snowmelt and run-off that in bad years like this can fill their basement, fish pond and outbuildings. The warmer weather could open the spill gates for the ocean of snow on cultivated land […] Read more

WRAP Tackles A Range Of Issues At Annual Meeting

Reading Time: 2 minutes Delegates to the recent Wild Rose Agricultural Producers (WRA P) annual meeting in Edmonton took on the contentious farm workers’ rights issue, and voted to lobby the Alberta government to include agricultural workers under the Workers’ Compensation Board (WCB). The motion passed by one vote. WRAP first vice-president Lynn Jacobson of Enchant said the concern […] Read more

Triticale May Finally Be Ready To Soar

Reading Time: 2 minutes More than a century after its development, triticale may be poised to become an overnight sensation. A combination of new varieties and new uses in both the ethanol and manufacturing industries is boosting interest in the cross of rye and wheat, says Franois Eudes, a plant biotechnology research scientist at the Lethbridge Research Centre. Eudes […] Read more