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Farmers frustrated with lack of access to generic crop protection products

Reading Time: 3 minutes Canadian farmers are at a competitive disadvantage to some of their main trading partners The Protection of Proprietary Interests in Pesticide Data in Canada (PPIP) regulation administered by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has been a serious obstacle for farmers getting access to lower-cost products. It has made it near impossible for companies to […] Read more

Much For Canadians To Savour On Food Freedom Day

Reading Time: 3 minutes As farmers ponder their spring business plans, many are buoyed by the optimism that this could be a profitable year, one that will bring stability against difficulty in recent years. Yet amid this optimism, there is a far-reaching sense of anxiety among the general public over food prices. Many look for a direct connection between […] Read more

Farmers’ Share Of Retail Dollar Slips Since 2008

Reading Time: 2 minutes On average, only 27 per cent of the cost of an entire week’s worth of groceries for a family of four goes back to the farms where the food is produced. The rising cost of food was a topic that ranked high in the minds of Canadians this year. As a farmer and first vice-president […] Read more

An action list for the federal government

Reading Time: 3 minutes To Canada’s many farmers who are now weighing options for next year’s growing season, it’s clear that swift action is needed to solidify those agricultural policies that remain incomplete and correct those that are unworkable or ineffective. Farmers received promising news on the new Growing Forward suite of programs, slated to begin April 1, 2009, […] Read more