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The equipment was small (and old, in the case of the combine) but the goal of the Hands-Free Hectare project was to prove you could grow a crop without ever setting foot in the field.

The automated future has arrived, says robotic farming expert

British researcher showcases the ‘Hands-Free Hectare’ project at Farming Smarter conference

Reading Time: 3 minutes Farming using only robots may sound like something out of the year 2050 — but the producers of a barley crop in the United Kingdom argue it’s here now. Researchers at Harper Adams University in Shropshire, England, along with a U.K. precision ag company successfully grew a crop using only automated machines as their farmhands. […] Read more

A small-scale model of a Precision Mobile Drip Irrigation system.

It’s a drag — but one that saves water, cuts costs, and reduces disease

Mobile drip irrigation is pricey but worth the money for high-value crops such as alfalfa seed production or to reduce disease issues

Reading Time: 2 minutes Converting to mobile drip irrigation could be financially beneficial for some growers. Along with more efficient water delivery and lower energy costs, this system can improve crop health by reducing leaf burn and disease issues. Mobile drip uses specially designed drip lines that drag on the ground and deliver water directly to crops to reduce […] Read more

A pea plant with foliage damage from the pea leaf weevil is viewed at Farming Smarter’s ‘plot hop.’

Pea leaf weevils: The danger comes from below

Adults chomping on leaves aren’t the problem with these pests — it’s their offspring feeding on root nodules

Reading Time: 3 minutes Pea leaf weevils are on the move and are now being reported in crops as far north as Edmonton. The pest first appeared in Alberta in 2000 and they have become a huge threat to fababean and field pea growers in the province. Originally nesting in the south, they have migrated and are now appearing […] Read more