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Forages With New Traits Coming Soon

Reading Time: 2 minutes “We have made some progress but stay tuned for the success stories.” Forages are a feast for livestock, and more cultivars than ever before are available thanks to a hearty breeding program at the Lethbridge Research Centre. Surya Acharya, a research scientist, is also the national leader for a forage breeding study being done by […] Read more

Putting A Value On Unspoiled Wilderness

Reading Time: 3 minutes When ancient populations grew too large to sustain a hunting and gathering society, agriculture was born and adopted by tribes worldwide. At the same time, the practice of “walking in beauty” vanished. Hiking, backpacking and camping in the wilderness is an attempt to reconnect to that era, says Ben Gadd, a naturalist, author and conservation […] Read more

Keeping Feed Energy Out Of The Atmosphere

Reading Time: 3 minutes With more talk than ever about greenhouse gases and with fingers pointing at feedlots as a source, researchers are finding innovative ways to reduce emissions from cattle production. A team of scient ists at Agr icul ture and Agr i -Food Canada’s Lethbridge Research Centre is adding corn dried distillers grain (DDG) and tannin to […] Read more

One Hundred Years Of Co-Operation In Alberta

Reading Time: 2 minutes “We felt it was important to celebrate with the people who have made us successful and and we couldn’t do that with just two big events in Calgary and Edmonton” Across Alberta this summer UFA is celebrating its centennial, and its commitment to rural communities. By tying into community events, such as the Ponoka Stampede […] Read more

SARA Diagnostic School Set For July

Reading Time: < 1 minute Farmers will be out in the fields as always this summer, but on July 7, 8, and 9, it’ll be for school rather than crop production. Southern Applied Research Association’s (SARA) annual diagnostic field school in Lethbridge is an opportunity for producers to gain hands-on experience about the latest technologies and agronomic methods, says Chris […] Read more

Planning To Ensure Healthy Future Of Oldman River Basin

Reading Time: 2 minutes “Through the interviews, we will be able to get a sense of the landowners’ place in watershed, what’s important to them” Three new initiatives by the Oldman Watershed Council will help prioritize future planning in the Oldman River basin in southeast Alberta. The first is the State of the Watershed Report, which will help members […] Read more

Alberta Cuts It In The World Mustard Market

Reading Time: 3 minutes Canada grows about 85 per cent of the world’s condiment mustard, with most produced in the southern regions of Saskatchewan and Alberta. Depending on the year, southern Alberta plants about 80,000 to 150,000 acres, with Saskatchewan more than doubling that production with about 400,000 acres. This year, the market needs about 550,000 acres of mustard […] Read more

Innovative Approaches For Pest Management

Reading Time: 3 minutes Pest management today is about more than just a blanket application of chemical insecticides. It’s an integrated approach of mechanical, biological and chemical controls, as well as establishing thresholds and monitoring insect populations. “Our objective is to find alternatives to manage insect pests using more environmentally friendly ways instead of relying completely on insecticides,” says […] Read more

Soft Whites To Expand Beyond The Irrigation Area

Reading Time: 2 minutes Traditionally, soft white spring wheat has been grown under irrigation in southern Alberta as milling wheat for flour for cakes, cookies and pastries. Over the past few years, though, there’s been a shift in the industry, as it has focused more on developing cereal varieties for general purposes, especially ethanol production. “Soft white spring wheat […] Read more

Helping Retailers To Differentiate Their Products

Reading Time: 2 minutes “Meat is very misunderstood. I think we do a terrible job in retailing beef and there have been opportunities missed in Canada.” For farmers looking to gain a foothold in the retail food marketplace, lesson one might be to know your customer – and it’s not the consumer. It’s the retailer, and producers need to […] Read more