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Rocky Mountain Forest Range Association receives award

Reading Time: < 1 minute The Rocky Mountain Forest Range Association (RMFRA), Nanton, Alberta, received the Outstanding Achievement Award for Stewardship at the Society for Range Management’s (SRM) recent 65th annual meeting in Spokane, Washington. The award is presented by the Society for Range Management for outstanding achievement to members and other qualified individuals and groups working with rangelands. The […] Read more

A sustainable ranch can benefit everyone

Reading Time: 2 minutes A healthy ranch can be a benefit to all. Sustaining an economically and ecologically successful ranch also preserves western rural landscapes, lifestyles, and livelihoods. Business planning that incorporates resource monitoring offers the rancher measurable indicators of the health of a ranch. The February issue of Rangelands presents a framework for such monitoring and planning developed […] Read more

Conservation Key To Future Food Production

Reading Time: 2 minutes As a rational hedge against the possibility of technological lag or failure, I most strongly believe everything possible should be done to conserve and enhance our rangelands and farmlands. JERRY HOLECHEK NEW MEXICO STATE UNIVERSITY During the past century, food production in the United States has achieved a remarkable degree of efficiency and the cost […] Read more

Rancher Experience And Knowledge: An Untapped Resource

Reading Time: 2 minutes Land management and conservation agencies have traditionally performed rangeland management activities based predominately on technical information resulting from scientific research. However, rancher experience and knowledge is an untapped resource that could help broaden the scope of these activities and lead to more sustainable land management. The number of ranchers in the United States is steadily […] Read more