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Cereal groups want to harvest farmers’ views on merger

Reading Time: 2 minutes Producers being asked if Alberta Wheat, Alberta Barley should go for full amalgamation The seeds were planted long ago and now producers will get their say on whether they want Alberta Wheat and Alberta Barley to merge. “The consultation will begin in July with an online survey, followed by online town hall events after harvest […] Read more

Will there be any canola left in bins come fall?

Will there be any canola left in bins come fall?

'Stocks are setting up to be the smallest in years'

Reading Time: 2 minutes It’s been a time that canola growers won’t soon forget, says a provincial crop analyst. “Producers with unpriced canola remaining after the 2020 harvest have been delighted and amazed by the price increase since harvest,” Neil Blue said in a recent Agri-News article. “New record canola prices have been set for both futures and cash.” […] Read more