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cattle on the open prairie

The five keys to assessing rangeland health

The old adage about not being able to manage what you can’t measure applies to rangelands

Reading Time: 3 minutes Native rangelands are key assets to livestock producers — and rangeland health assessments allow them to adjust grazing practices to achieve productive, sustainable grazings. A rangeland assessment system looks at the five key functions of rangelands: integrity and ecological status; community structure; hydrologic function and nutrient cycling; site stability, and noxious weeds. And in all […] Read more

field of wheatgrass

New developments in forage-breeding research

One of the more recent offerings is hybrid bromegrass, which offers high first-cut yields and fairly rapid regrowth for grazing

Reading Time: 3 minutes Cattle producers across Western Canada rely on perennial forage grass species to provide their livestock with ample nutrition during the grazing period and for hay. Mother Nature provided these grasses with winter hardiness and reasonable drought tolerance needed to prosper in the Prairie climate — but University of Saskatchewan researchers have done their part, too. […] Read more

woman an horse in rodeo competition

The tradition continues for famous Innisfail rodeo family

20-year-old cowgirl credits father as her mentor, a former pro calf roper

Reading Time: 3 minutes Growing up with the last name Daines in the town of Innisfail leaves a person with big boots to fill. With legends like Jack, Ivan, and Duane Daines (just to name a few) on your family tree, there is little doubt that a passion for agriculture and rodeo should run in your blood. That’s certainly […] Read more

The Prospect Steer and Heifer Show gives youth a chance to develop their showmanship abilities.

A sure sign of spring: Northlands Farm and Ranch Show

This year’s event includes a prospect steer and heifer show, and Limousin is the featured breed

Reading Time: 2 minutes Before the fields thaw, the Northlands Farm and Ranch Show is your opportunity to view quality equipment and livestock to incorporate into your operations. This year’s show, which runs from March 26-28, features some new events, including the prospect steer and heifer show. This event showcases calves born in 2014, in a junior division on […] Read more

group of people standing and seated for a photo

Cattlemen’s Young Leaders program is a great way to kick-start your career

The application deadline for this year’s program is 
looming and it’s an opportunity you shouldn’t pass up

Reading Time: 3 minutes The future of the cattle industry in Canada is looking promising for the next generation of cattlemen and women. With more ‘skin in the game’ than ever before, today’s young cattlemen interested in going back to the farm or starting out on their own have a variety of complex tasks ahead of them. Developing leadership […] Read more

cattle in a farmyard

Shining a spotlight on Canadian genetics

Farmfair International rolls out the red carpet for foreign buyers so they can learn 
about and connect with Canada’s purebred sector

Reading Time: 2 minutes It comes with a learning curve, but sourcing or selling genetics abroad can open your operation to exciting opportunities to improve your purebred herd or find new customers. The Inbound Buyer Program is just one of the ways that participating in Farmfair International can get your purebred breeding stock noticed by breeders and buyers from […] Read more

rodeo riders on horses

Heritage Ranch Rodeo a showcase of real-life cowboy skills

The 10-year-old event is the only place outside a working ranch to see traditional 
skills such as sorting, branding, and team doctoring

Reading Time: 2 minutes A skilfully thrown loop glides around a steer’s neck; another comes from behind to capture his two hind legs; and then two ranch hands on the ground hold the steer down for treatment. If this was out in the middle of a pasture, the cowboy or cowgirl would likely give the calf an injection, perhaps […] Read more

Tessa Nybo used a trail cam to capture this picture of a moose in their haystack yard, which is only protected by barbed wire fence.

Protecting stored hay from wildlife

‘Sweet and simple’ and 3D are two of your options, but the starting point is putting a 
dollar figure on the hay eaten by Bambi and his hungry mates

Reading Time: 3 minutes Deer, elk, and moose pose a serious threat to stored hay reserves on farms across the Prairies — especially during winter when they are most desperate for feed. Hazing and chemical deterrents may keep these ungulates away in the short term, but this route is often time consuming and not a permanent solution. Fencing the […] Read more

cows eating hay

It takes more than sunshine to make high-quality and high-yielding hay

Cutting at the right time, giving stands a chance to recover, and investing in 
nutrients can make a big difference to the bottom line

Reading Time: 3 minutes Producers are becoming increasingly aware of how hay quality and productivity affect their bottom lines — whether they’re selling hay or feeding it to their livestock. The biggest factor in achieving these goals is the timing of cutting, says Barry Yaremcio, beef and forage specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. “For every week a […] Read more