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Trump administration scales back U.S. water protections

Washington | Reuters — The Trump administration finalized a rule on Thursday to pare back the types of waterways protected from pollution under federal law, easing burdens on industries such as agriculture and mining but angering environmental groups. The Navigable Waters Protection Rule could win political points ahead of the November election for Republican President […] Read more

In win for Big Oil, U.S. proposes biofuel mandate cut

The Obama administration has proposed slashing federal requirements for U.S. biofuel use in 2014, bowing to pressure from the petroleum industry and attempting to prevent a potential fuel crunch next year. The Nov. 15 decision was the first cut to renewable fuel targets written into a 2007 law, and was seen as a clear win […] Read more

U.S. seen unlikely to hit advanced biofuel goal

The United States will likely fail to reach its long-term mandate for making advanced ethanol from trees, grasses and crop waste unless producers innovate significantly, a scientific advisory group said last week. The National Research Council’s comments are the latest sign that backers of alternative fuels must wait longer for “next-generation” ethanol. Touted as the […] Read more

U.S. Engine Makers Sue Over Ethanol Blends

U.S. automakers and engine makers sued the Environmental Protection Agency on Dec. 20 over its decision to allow higher blends of ethanol for newer cars, saying it could cause confusion at the pumps and damage engines in older vehicles. The EPA decided in October to allow cars built in 2007 or later to burn gasoline […] Read more

Warmer World Equals More Pests

Beetles killing trees in North America, bluetongue disease ravaging livestock in Europe, and borers destroying African coffee crops are examples of migrating invasive species not getting enough attention at global climate talks, scientists said Dec. 8. Invasive pests have plagued agriculture and nature for thousands of years as man-kind’s migrations brought them to places without […] Read more