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Calling the XL Foods E. coli alert a crisis is irresponsible

Response When the problem was detected, the system went into action the way it’s supposed to

Reading Time: 3 minutes What is it about people that we’re so attracted to economic panic and alarm? Are the business pages and economic news stories so bland and lifeless that we need to stir up crises out of nothing? Consider one of the biggest news stories this fall in Alberta: the E. coli situation. Several weeks ago, there […] Read more

Shopping Locally Can Be Beneficial — But Not Always

Reading Time: 3 minutes Bottom line: you can’t expect others to willingly buy your goods and services if you impose restrictions on them selling to you. All sorts of well-meaning organizations like to extol the virtues of shopping locally and supporting the local business community. This is especially true during difficult economic times. There is a simple, natural tendency […] Read more