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GLOBAL FARMER POLL: Free trade or farm support? You decide

“The correlation between poverty and obesity can be traced to agricultural policies and subsidies.” — Michael Pollan, award-winning U.S. writer and intellectual. It is the ultimate modern paradox. On the one hand, agricultural subsidy stabilizes food supply, has fuelled green revolutions the world over, and has delivered sustainable farming systems. But on the other, it […] Read more

GLOBAL FARMER POLL: You say science will feed the world

New technologies and genetic modification will play the key role in feeding the world. This is the view of thousands of farmers from across the globe who gave views on solutions to feeding the world, in a poll led by Farmers Weekly. In an unprecedented cross-continental collaboration, the views have been gathered from farmers in […] Read more

GLOBAL FARMER POLL: How can we feed the world?

How can the world feed itself? That’s the question being asked by the UK’s leading farming publication Farmers Weekly as it launches an international poll in association with Country Guide and a number of other key farming titles around the world. To take part, just click here. Everyone who enters will get a chance to […] Read more