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Alberta Wheat says its cash advance program will be different

Farm group says it will streamline the process, but competitor says it’s needless duplication

Reading Time: 3 minutes Alberta farmers now have another service provider when it comes to selecting a cash advance. Producers in the province can now choose from 11 organizations — five offering cash advances for grains and oilseeds — when seeking a low- or no-interest loan pledged against their crops, livestock, or other agricultural products. But the Alberta Wheat […] Read more

farmer tending to pigs in a barn

New programs aim to educate and reassure consumers about agriculture

The province is giving out $10 million for education, building public trust, and ‘sustainability assurances’

Reading Time: 3 minutes [UPDATE: Aug. 22, 2018]* The next wave of agricultural funding through the Canadian Agricultural Partnership is open and includes a trio of programs with goals that appear quite different than its predecessor, Growing Forward 2. The federal government, in partnership with the provinces and territories, has allocated $3 billion over the next five years to […] Read more

Every farmer has his or her own criteria when choosing seed but sometimes producers don’t give a variety a fair shake, says seed grower Greg

There’s lots of seed choices — and approaches to picking them

Some farmers consult, some decide on their own, and others react to what just happened

Reading Time: 4 minutes Are you happy with the seed varieties you chose this year? More importantly, is your approach to picking varieties working for you? Seed selection tends to be a very linear game. Seed companies typically contact seed growers with new varieties that may perform well and appeal to their customers. From there, the seed growers will […] Read more

Alberta's most popular wheat acres.

Wheat varieties to keep an eye on

A few that growers expect to do well in the coming years

Reading Time: 2 minutes Wheat varieties are a little like the pop music charts: There are always new hot stars, and fading ones. Yes, there are some long-running chart toppers — take a bow, Stettler and CDC Go — but the list is constantly changing. Go back to 2013 and Harvest was running just behind Stettler for top spot. […] Read more

Her mentors “are the exact people I would want to learn from,” says Ashley Gaudet, 
a participant in the Cattlemen’s Young Leaders Program.

Young Albertan aims higher thanks to mentoring program

Reading Time: 3 minutes It’s not every day you meet a person who can lay claim to being Canada’s only something-or-other. However, Ashley Gaudet will gladly tell you she is Canada’s sole registered veterinary technician with a veterinary technician speciality in clinical practice specific to production animal medicine. What does that full mouth mean? Equated to human medicine, the […] Read more

Sophisticated computer programs, GPS tracking, and matching rations to cattle’s growth stage virtually eliminates waste, says UFA, distributor of a fully automated feed system.

Fully automated feeding — the rise of the machines

Technology that handles everything from feed formulation to delivering it to cattle is becoming ubiquitous

Reading Time: 3 minutes Ken Van Raay remembers how things used to be at his 30,000-head feedlot. It required a lot more co-ordination, that’s for sure. In his previous system, Van Raay dealt with his local feed mill on the phone; spent more time on the road; managed pelleting, storage, blending and monitoring micro-ingredient levels in bins; and generally […] Read more