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Vehicles a major culprit in spread of invasive weeds

Reading Time: 2 minutes When you take your four-wheel drive out for a spin this fall, you might be bringing home more than memories. Researchers at Montana State University have found that vehicles are routinely transporting invasive weed seeds. Seeds can stow away on tires, bumpers, wheel wells or the underside of a vehicle and sometimes travel great distances […] Read more

Global warming not so bad – for weeds, that is

 With global warming comes increased levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which benefits at least one species—weeds. Carbon dioxide acts as a fertilizer to invasive exotic grasses, resulting in higher growth rates and larger leaves. These stronger plants are also proving more resistant to the world’s most important herbicide, glyphosate, commercially known as Roundup.  […] Read more

New Technology Improves Herbicide Application

Reading Time: 2 minutes Researchers today are transforming weed control with new precision tools and application techniques that can keep herbicides precisely where they belong. As a result, farmers are able to optimize the performance of herbicides and minimize the small amounts that drift off target as they are being applied. One of the latest breakthroughs involves low-drift nozzles […] Read more