Alberta crop conditions fall overall, poor hay supplies cause for concern

Alberta crop conditions as of July 24, 2018

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Provincial crop conditions have dropped over seven points from last week. Northwest. Northeast and Peace regions saw minimal changes, while the South and Central have been most affected. The hot dry weather and limited rainfall played a part in the decline in these two regions. Although the Northeast and Northwest have experienced varied weather including ample rainfall for the most part, the crop conditions remained the same as last week. With the exception of the northern tip, the Peace region has experienced significant rainfall this past week and producers in this area are hoping for some sunshine. Recent thunderstorms have brought hail across the province causing a spectrum of crop damage.

The first dryland yields are now being reported. The current provincial estimate is surprisingly showing only a one per cent difference than the 10 year index. Random areas have received timely rains to promote and maintain average crop growth. As a percent of the long term normal, Peace, Northwest and Northeast region yields are notably above the provincial average, Central is on par, and South region is well below average. Based on the current volatile crop conditions, at this point these yield projections will likely see an adjustment.

The wet conditions in some areas are hampering haying operations. Hay supplies and pasture still remain a concern for livestock producers. The pasturing of poorer crops has occurred, and several crops are being cut for feed. In some areas ranchers are already relying on feed and the probability of livestock being brought home early is evident.

Click here to read the full report on the Alberta Agriculture website, complete with graphics and a breakdown by regions.

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