AWC encourages farmers to submit CPSR and CWRW samples

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The Alberta Wheat Commission (AWC) is encouraging growers to participate in the Canadian Grain Commission’s (CGC) Harvest Sample Program and in-turn help promote two wheat classes with significant untapped market potential.

The quality characteristics of Canada Prairie Spring Wheat (CPSR) and Canada Western Red Winter Wheat (CWRW) will be highlighted in new crop missions in key Canadian wheat markets in November and December 2014. Growers are encouraged to submit samples of these varieties to the program, along with Canada Western Red Spring Wheat (CWRS) and Canada Western Amber Durum (CWAD).

Facilitated by the CGC’s Grains Research Lab, the Harvest Sample Program provides an opportunity to showcase a composite overview of Canadian wheat to international markets.

“The Alberta Wheat Commission has placed significant emphasis on the growth potential of CPS and winter wheat and we encourage growers to submit their samples to ensure sufficient quantities are available to do quality assessments that can be shared with international customers,” says Kent Erickson, Chair of AWC.

“The CPSR and CWRW wheat classes have excellent quality characteristics that are attractive to international markets,” said Dr. Dave Hatcher, Research Scientist at the CGC’s Grain Research Laboratory. “While we recognize that these classes have smaller acreages at present compared with other wheat classes in Western Canada, we encourage growers and grain companies to submit as much as possible.”

The Canadian Harvest Sample Program provides potential customers with key data that better informs them of Canada’s high quality wheat properties for each crop year.

“Through the Harvest Sample Program, we are able to highlight the value-added properties of western Canadian wheat,” Dr. Hatcher said. “We hope to provide customers with information that accurately demonstrates Canada’s additional high quality sources of wheat.”

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