Cargill oils lowest in sat-fat

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Cargill says its Victory canola hybrids are going into a new canola oil that the company bills as the lowest in saturated fat of any vegetable oil offered to food makers to date.

The Minneapolis-based firm says it will have its new oil, called Clear Valley, available for customer testing early next year.

Cargill’s specialty canola oil division offers three Victory hybrids in Western Canada: v1030, v1031 and v1035. All three are Roundup ready varieties intended for mid-to long-season growing zones.

Cargill described the new oil as a “high stability” product with four to 4.5 per cent saturated fat, a level 25 per cent below that of conventional canola oil. The company’s Victory and InVigor canola lines are grown under a specialty contract program with Cargill.

The company’s Victory hybrids are developed at research and plant breeding locations at Camrose, Alta., Aberdeen, Sask. and Elm Creek, Man.

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