Malt barley recommendations for 2020

Malt barley recommendations for 2020
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AAC Connect and CDC Bow have made the Canadian Malting Barley Technical Centre’s short list of recommended varieties for the coming year.

The duo joins longtime favourites CDC Copeland, AAC Synergy, and AC Metcalfe on the short list. Those three accounted for 88 per cent of insured Alberta barley acres in 2019 — Copeland was sown to 522,000 acres, Synergy to 261,000 and Metcalfe to 175,000 with Bow a distant fourth at just over 33,000 acres and Connect (19,000 acres) in fifth.

The centre also has four names on its list of “promising new varieties” that are undergoing seed propagation: CDC Fraser, Lowe, CDC Churchill (all distributed by SeCan) and CDC Copper (distributed by FP Genetics). To obtain seed for one of these four, contact the distributor.

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