Crop insurer says it is ‘streamlining’ inspection process

AFSC is also asking producers to gather information to speed up the assessment of unharvested acres

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Here’s what AFSC says it has done to “streamline inspection processes in order to expedite assessments”:

  • The number of required field counts has been reduced when appraising wildlife damage and potential production on the unharvested acres, relying on the inspector’s judgment to do more counts when required.
  • Allow visual appraisals on crops where, in the opinion of AFSC, are unable to be harvested
  • Assess zero yields on acres when the value is determined by AFSC to be less than the cost of harvesting. In situations where AFSC has determined a crop is unharvestable (e.g. severely lodged) or not marketable, a zero yield will be assessed.
  • AFSC will process claims on a crop-by-crop basis if there are delays in assessing total production of the different insured unharvested crop types in order to provide cash flow to producers.

The provincial crop insurer is also asking producers to help “expedite the assessment process” by:

  • Actively monitoring their crops, knowing the location, and amount of damage to their crops.
  • Notifying their local AFSC branch office as soon as possible to report eligible wildlife damage and their intentions for the unharvested acres.
  • Being prepared to accompany the AFSC inspector during the assessment.
  • Filing their revised Harvest Production Report promptly after completing spring harvest.

Source: May 1 email statement from AFSC

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