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Dow supports CFL

Dow AgroSciences has kicked in for a multi-year sponsorship agreement with the Canadian Football League.

“We share many of the same customers, a passion for serving them well, and some great ideas for working together to bring them even closer to our league and our game,” CFL commissioner Mark Cohon said.

“We’re confident our partnership will be as fun for our fans as it will be productive for our businesses.”

Fusarium-suppressing fungicide for corn

STAFF Bayer Crop-Science has picked up Canada’s first label registration for a fungicide to suppress fusarium in corn.

The has announced the expanded label for Proline, which is already registered for suppression of fusarium head blight and control of various other diseases in barley and wheat, as well as control of sclerotinia stem rot in canola and control of ascochyta blight in lentils and chickpeas.

Proline can suppress a fusarium infection in corn and thus reduce the levels of DON, the mycotoxin it creates in infected crops, the company said.

The expanded label also makes Proline the only Canadian fungicide for suppression of gibberella ear rot in corn, as well as for protection against rusts, eyespot, grey leaf spot and northern blight, the company said.



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