Crop ratings in the south decline due to ‘droughty’ conditions

Alberta crop conditions as of July 4

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Provincial crop condition ratings declined by 3 points this week to 75 per cent rated good or excellent, solely due to a significant decline in the condition ratings of crops in the South region as the droughty conditions currently affecting the US northern tier states has reached into southern Alberta. Crop condition ratings were virtually unchanged from last week in the Central, North East and North West regions and recorded a small improvement in the Peace.

Compared to last year, crop development is marginally behind in the South and Central regions, approximately 7-10 days behind in the North East, 10-14 days behind in the North West and 14 days or more delayed in the Peace region. With good weather, these regions can make significant improvements in crop development due to the long day length.

Surface soil moisture ratings declined 1 point to 66 per cent of the province rated good or excellent. The fair rating rose 2 percentage points and the excessive moisture rating dropped 1 point. Sub soil moisture ratings are 70 per cent good or excellent with 12 per cent of the province rated as excessive.

Haying is underway in all regions. Producers, thus far, are enjoying the best haying weather for quite some time. Pastures are rated 81 per cent good or excellent with less than 2 per cent rated poor. Hay crops are rated 79 per cent good or excellent with 2 per cent rated poor.

Click here to read the full report on the Alberta Agriculture website, complete with graphics and a breakdown by regions.

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