CropLife Canada Promotes Biotechnology – for Oct. 11, 2010

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CropLife Canada has published its case for the continued use of pesticides and the pursuit of biotechnology to sustainably feed the world. The documentWe Stand for Sustainabilityoutlines the three P’s behind its position– people, planet and prosperity – and spells out how crop protection products and biotechnology can help feed the world’s growing population while protecting the environment and contributing to the $150-billion Canadian agri-food sector.

At a time when conventional agricultural practices face increasing scrutiny and genetically modified foods struggle for public acceptance, the trade association representing representing the manufacturers, developers and distributors of pesticides and plant biotechnology is hoping the public can be convinced to see the industry’s efforts in a positive light.

Featuring a smiling family of four against a backdrop of row crops on its cover, the publication cites the world’s growing population and says farmers must double their food production by the year 2050 to feed an additional three billion people on less land than is farmed today.

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