Dry weather keeps harvest rolling, pasture conditions rate poor

Alberta Crop Conditions as of October 13, 2015

Dry and warm weather has facilitated harvest progress during the past week. Provincially, 87 per cent of crops have been harvested, up 14 per cent from last week, while nine per cent of crops are still in swath (down eight per cent from a week ago) and four per cent remain standing (down six per cent from last week). Across the province, almost all dry peas, 92 per cent of spring wheat, 87 per cent of barley, 82 per cent of oats, and 80 per cent of canola were harvested. Crops still in the field are mostly late germinating crops, reseeded crops and some late seeded canola. Only four per cent of spring wheat, seven per cent of barley, 10 per cent of oats and three per cent of canola is still standing.

Harvest is most advanced in the South Region with 99 per cent of crops in the bin, followed by the Peace Region, with 95 per cent harvested. About 82 per cent of crops in the North East Region, 80 per cent in the Central Region, and 74 per cent in the North West Region have been harvested.

Pasture conditions are still rated poor, and did not change much from the previous week. Provincially, only 29 per cent of pastures are rated as good to excellent, down two per cent from last week. About 89 per cent of pastures in the Peace Region, 79 per cent in the North West Region, 76 per cent in the Central region, 68 per cent in the North East Region and 58 per cent in the South Region are rated as poor to fair.

Provincially, soil moisture reserves overall have decreased less than one per cent from last week and are rated as 60 per cent good to excellent. Sub-surface soil moisture reserves remain unchanged, and are rated as 51 per cent good to excellent.

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