Dry weather worsens declining crop conditions

Alberta crop conditions as of August 1

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Provincial Crop Condition ratings declined a further 3 percentage points on the week to 57 per cent rated good or excellent as hot, dry weather continued throughout the South region and has broadened its hold in the Central region. Crop conditions declined 6 points in the South and recorded a significant 14 point drop in the Central region. Harvest is underway throughout the South region on winter cereals, field peas and early barley. Crops in the Central are under stress due to the dry conditions with harvest still several weeks away.

In the northern half of the province, Crop Condition ratings showed little change from last week. More precipitation fell in the North East and North West regions especially in the areas north of Highway #16, further exasperating the problem of wet fields and standing water. In the Peace, conditions were generally warm and dry benefitting crop development though grasshoppers have become a problem throughout the region with damage assessment above economic thresholds.

Precipitation in the South would likely be of little benefit to dryland crops as most are past the filling stage but could be extremely beneficial to crops in the Central region especially in the western portion if it came very soon. Overall, soil moisture ratings declined modestly principally due to the drying in the Central region.

Hay/pasture ratings declined to 53 per cent rated good or excellent from 58 per cent last week. Current ratings are: 19 per cent Poor; 28 per cent Fair; 34 per cent Good; 19 per cent Excellent.

Click here to read the full report on the Alberta Agriculture website, complete with graphics and a breakdown by regions.

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