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Express Pro Label Expanded

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DuPont Canada’s Group 2 herbicide Express Pro has picked up label approval for control of three more weeds.

Health Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency has approved the product for control of scentless chamomile, up to eight centimetres, and of white cockle to the rosette stage.

Express Pro’s label now also includes residual control of cleavers, up to eight cm, and suppression of night-flowering catchfly, up to eight cm.

The product, sold in water-soluble granule form combining tribenuron methyl and metsulfuron methyl, is sold alone but must be used in a mix with glyphosate.

“White cockle and night-flowering catchfly are two weeds that are up-and-coming problems, while scentless chamomile and cleavers are ongoing concerns,” Jon Gough, cereals manager for DuPont Canada, said in the company’s release Tuesday.

White cockle is spreading across the Prairies as reduced tillage becomes more prevalent, the company said. Night-flowering catchfly, which DuPont noted is often confused with white cockle, is becoming “increasingly problematic,” due mainly to a lack of products cleared to control it.

Express Pro can provide “high-level suppression” of about 75 per cent control, which for growers “will be a significant improvement over previous options,” Gough said in the release.



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