Fusarium’s relentless march across the Prairies

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It’s just a 47-second-long animation showing the incidence of a crop disease, but for Alberta producers it should come with a ‘disturbing content’ warning.

The video, created by BASF Canada, uses Canadian Grain Commission data on the percentage of fusarium-damaged kernels in Canada Western Red Spring wheat found in its Harvest Sample Program from 2003 to 2015. It breaks the three Prairie provinces into 38 regions (seven in Alberta) and uses four brackets: zero to five per cent damage; six to 20 per cent; 21 to 50 per cent; and 51 per cent or more.

Imposed on a map, the visualization of fusarium’s spread over 13 years is both simple and arresting. At first, it’s very much a Manitoba problem; then it spills over to Saskatchewan; and starting in 2009 charges into Alberta with a vengeance.

The video can be viewed below or downloaded direct to your desktop (video is 41 MB in size).

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