Hail, flooding damage some crops, but most ‘good to excellent’

Alberta crop conditions as of August 2

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Over the past week, rainfall activity has been convective in nature, with heavy downpours leading to localized flooding, and in some cases damaging hail across the province. This has maintained soil moisture levels, but slowed haying progress and reduced hay quality. In cases where crops are not performing well, it is largely due to excessive moisture.

Provincially, crop growing conditions did not change from last week and are rated as 83 per cent good to excellent, compared with the 5-year average (2011-2015) of 70 per cent. In terms of crop development, most spring wheat has started the dough development stage, while barley and oats are mostly in the milk development stage. Harvest of winter cereals, dry peas and early-seeded barley has started in the Southern Region and will start in Central and Northern Regions shortly.

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Surface and sub-surface soil moisture ratings across the province did not change that much from a week ago. Provincially, surface soil moisture conditions are rated at 86 (66) per cent good to excellent and two (one) per cent excessive. Sub-surface soil moisture conditions across the province are rated as 80 (66) per cent good to excellent with one (one) per cent excessive.

Provincially, pasture conditions are rated as six per cent poor, 17 per cent fair, 58 per cent good and 19 per cent excellent. Tame hay conditions have similar ratings and are reported as eight (13) per cent poor, 16 (26) per cent fair, 53 (44) per cent good and 23 (17) per cent excellent. Haying operations are slowed due to shower activities and damp conditions.

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