Harvest progress a struggle, unmelted snow remains

Alberta crop conditions as of October 25

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Harvest progress continues to struggle as it improved by only a little more than one percentage point over the past week to 74.5 per cent complete and up only five percentage points over the last three weeks. Normally, harvest should be 95 per cent completed or better in all regions by this time period in October. Unmelted snow remains an issue in northerly areas of the North East region and in areas of the North West region. It is expected that all crop harvested from here forward will require drying before it can go into storage without risk of spoiling.

Excessive moisture conditions continue to worsen. Excessive moisture is a significant issue in the North West where the rating rose to 41 per cent of the region (35 per cent last week) and in the Peace to 24 per cent rated excessive from 15 per cent last week. High excessive moisture conditions increase the potential of significant crop abandonment due to inaccessibility.

Fall seeded crops continue to perform well with over 86 per cent of the crops rated in good or excellent condition.

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