Hot, dry weather sees crop conditions continue to decline

Alberta crop conditions as of August 21, 2018

Provincially, crop conditions continue to gradually decline and are more than 8 points below the 5 year average of 65.4 per cent. As expected, the South region saw little reprieve from the endured drought and the crop conditions suffered with only 39.6 per cent rated as good or excellent. In contrast, the conditions experienced in the Peace region are consistent at 85.9 per cent. Although the average in the Northeast remains higher than the provincial average, it has fallen from 76.8 to 72.8 per cent from last week. The conditions in the Northwest have stabilized and are at 58.0 per cent while the Central region decreased from 47.2 to 45.0 per cent. Erratic precipitation so far this year has not lent itself to preferred crop conditions or desired yields.

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Harvest progress slowly continues with most activity predictably in the South. Provincial dryland yields on major crops are anticipated to be 93.9 per cent of the 5 year and 99.8 per cent of the 10 year index, keeping in mind that there are very few acres harvested to date.

The consequence of the hot dry weather is limited dryland second cut hay; 31.0 per cent of hay fields rated poor, and 34.0 per cent rated fair. Additionally, pastures have never recovered and 31.6 per cent of pastures rated poor and 34.1 per cent fair.

Click here to read the full report on the Alberta Agriculture website, complete with graphics and a breakdown by regions.

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