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In Brief – for Mar. 29, 2010

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U. S. pork stocks at three-year low

The USDA Cold Storage Report on Mar. 22 afternoon showed pork supplies at a three-year low, but some futures traders said the supply was slightly larger than forecast by the trade. The 516.8 million lbs. of pork in storage as of Feb. 28 was above the 490 million lbs some traders had expected, and up from 492.3 million on January 31. A year ago, there was 624.5 mln lbs in storage.

Pig virus contaminates vaccine

Doctors should temporarily stop using GlaxoSmithKline Rotarix vaccine against a diarrhea-causing virus called rotavirus because it is contaminated with an apparently harmless pig virus, the company said last Monday. The virus, called porcine circovirus type 1, is not known to cause disease in humans or animals, but the U. S. Food and Drug Administration is suspending its use while they investigate further, the company said. “PCV-1 does not multiply in humans and is not known to cause illness in humans. It is found in everyday meat products and is frequently eaten with no resulting disease or illness,” the company said in a statement.

U. S. corn estimates

Grain-analysis firm Allendale Inc forecast 2010 U. S. corn plantings at 90.152 million acres and soybean plantings at 79.111 million, the analytical research firm said Mar. 20 following its annual farmer survey. On the same day, Informa Economics forecast corn plantings at 88.4 million acres and soybean acreage at 78.6 million, trade sources said.



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