Make It Safe, Make It Visible

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Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development’s farm safety program has produced an updated version of the publication ‘Make It Safe, Make It Visible.’

“During seeding, it’s often necessary for farmers to move their equipment from field to field, and that frequently entails moving slower farm machinery on public roads,” says Raelyn Peterson, farm safety co-ordinator with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Grande Prairie. “Farmers are asked to keep a few important safety practices in mind before heading out on public roads. The ‘Make It Safe, Make It Visible’ publication brings reminders of safety practices together in an easy to consult resource.”

The updated version is organized into two parts: section 1 includes information on Safe Transport of Farm Equipment on Public Roads, section 2 includes information on the Traffic Safety Act.

“The publication covers hazards and things to watch out for when travelling on public roads as well as some prevention tips and measures farmers can take to ensure visibility and decrease accidents,” says Peterson. “The publication can help farmers identify farm equipment hazards on public roads, prevent these hazards by making farm equipment safe and visible, and understand and apply the regulations on highway transport of farm equipment as set out under the Traffic Safety Act.”

Copies of the publication are available by calling Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development’s Publications Office toll-free at 1-800-292-5697 or by visiting

“According to the Canadian Agricultural Injury Surveillance program, 13 per cent of farm related fatalities across Canada are traffic related, and most of these involve tractors,” says Peterson.

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