Mixed weather finds Alberta crops, pasture, hay conditions improve

Alberta crop conditions as of June 12, 2018

Over the past week, most areas of the province received timely rains, with the highest rainfall accumulations since the beginning of June seen in the North East Region, and the lowest in the western parts of the Southern and Central Regions. This weather system was also responsible for hail and strong winds, in different parts of the province.

Provincially, crop growing conditions are 79 per cent good to excellent, compared to the 5-year average (2013-2017) of 72 per cent and the long term average (2004-2017) of 74 per cent. Growing condition ratings were above average in all regions, with exception of the Southern Region, which only received localized showers over the last week. About 86 per cent of spring wheat, 82 per cent of barley, 86 per cent of oats, 73 per cent of canola, 80 per cent of dry peas, 73 per cent of potatoes, 78 per cent of sugar beets and 80 per cent of dry beans are in good to excellent condition.

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Showers last week improved soil moisture, pasture and tame hay growing conditions in all region, with the exception of the Southern Region. Provincially, surface soil moisture (sub-surface soil moisture ratings shown in brackets) is rated at 3 (4) per cent poor, 18 (21) per cent fair, 50 (46) per cent good and 28 (28) per cent excellent, with one (one) per cent excessive. While provincial pasture and tame hay condition ratings are in line with the 5-year averages, in the Southern Region these are a bit lower. Pasture conditions (tame hay conditions are in brackets) for the province are reported as 5 (5) per cent poor, 26 (29) per cent fair, 59 (58) per cent good and 10 (8) per cent excellent.

Click here to read the full report on the Alberta Agriculture website, complete with graphics and a breakdown by regions.

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