New fungicide for canola and pulses

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UAP Canada has announced label expansions which allow Serenade fungicide to be used on canola and pulses.

Serenade, manufactured by California-based AgraQuest, is derived from a natural soil bacterium. It is registered for the suppression of plant diseases across a number of row and horticultural crops, including sclerotinia stem rot, downy mildew, powdery mildew, white mould, early blight and other rots, moulds, blights and leaf spots.

Dr. Brett Highland, a research scientist with AgraQuest says the strain of soil bacteria produces a unique and patented combination of three groups of biochemicals called lipopeptides, which produce three modes of action.

“It works on the leaf surface and with the activity of three different chemical classes for maximum effect in disease prevention,” Highland said in a release.

Janet Porchak of UAP, the distributor of Serenade in Canada said, “In canola, it offers broad-spectrum, preventative control that’s both effective and ecological.”

In the U.S., Serenade has earned organic certifications from four programs.



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