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New obsolete parts directory launched

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“The online Obsolete Parts Directory underwent a major update in early 2010 and the newly updated directory is now available on the Farmers’ Advocate Office website,” says Robert Martin, farm implement inspector, Farmers’ Advocate Office.

For many years, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development has maintained a directory of sources for hard-to-find and obsolete parts to help farm equipment dealers and producers locate parts for older equipment. The directory progressed from a printed book format to an online directory several years ago.

Finding equipment parts gets more difficult as equipment gets older. Many manufacturers have sold or gone out of business, making a parts source very difficult to locate. In some cases however, parts are still available for equipment that is over 30 years old and has not been manufactured for at least 20 years.

“The new updated Obsolete Parts Directory has a web-based information collection form for users to submit updated or new parts source information to the Farmers’ Advocate office. We will verify the updated information that is submitted and load it into this directory,” says Martin.

The Obsolete Parts Directory is a public service directory that provides parts source contact information for older or discontinued farm implements and can be found at or by calling Robert Martin 310-FARM (3276) toll free within Alberta.



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