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Nufarm introduces glyphosate booster

Nufarm has nnounced registration of Spike-Up, a herbicide which the company says adds punch to glyphosate for burndown in cereal crops.

Spike-Up contains the active ingredient tribenuron, found in products such as Express, plus Nufarm’s Credit brand glyphosate.

Nufarm says the combination provides superior burndown of key weeds such as narrowleaved hawk’sbeard, dandelion, kochia and volunteer canola. As a pre-seed product it may also provide extended control into the growing season, Nufarm says. Spike-Up is packaged in a 40-acre case and a 900-acre tote.

MANA introduces glyphosate brand

MANA Canada has announced registration of Glyphogan Plus, a glyphosate brand which can be used on all Roundup Ready crops.

It can be used at pre-seed or pre-harvest for quack-grass, Canada thistle and dandelions. With a concentration 356 grams/litre, Glyphogan Plus is available in a two x 10-litre case pack or a 750-litre tote.



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