New web tool for identifying insects in stored grain launched

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The Canadian Grain Commission has launched a website that helps producers identify more than 50 species of insects recognized as pests of stored grain in Canada.

“Our insect keys are an effective, easy-to-use tool for insect identification. Once you know the insect you’re dealing with, you can make the appropriate decisions for management,” Brent Elliott, infestation control and sanitation office at the Canadian Grain Commission said in a release. To use the keys, you choose which of a pair of images and descriptions best matches the insect being identified. The process continues until you are able to identify the insect.

The insect keys are some of the first sections of the Canadian Grain Commission’s website that have been redesigned to follow Government of Canada standards for web design, including new standards on usability and optimizing websites for mobile devices. A usable and accessible website ensures Canadians are able to easily find information and services using a variety of devices, including mobile devices.

The keys can be found at

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