Provincial harvest further along, snow falls in the Peace

Alberta crop conditions as of October 4

Producers were able to take full advantage of a few days of good weather last week to push the provincial harvest percentage up to 69 per cent complete before wet weather again enveloped the province. Producers in the Peace region saw the first significant snowfall of the season with 15 cm covering much of the region.

Yield estimates improved in three of the five regions which resulted in the provincial yield index rising 1 point to 114.0 bu/a. The provincial index has improved with every report from its initial value of 109.2 bu/a on July 26. Yields this year are approximately 25 – 30 per cent above 2015 yields. Spring wheat yield estimates improved in all regions to 53.6 bu/a from 52.3 bushels on September 20. Yields for durum, barley, oats and canola were unchanged while dry pea yields dropped slightly to 44.2 bushels from 44.6 bu/a.

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Crop quality is starting to decline due to the extended harvest season. Hard red spring wheat quality has dropped to 77 per cent reported in the top two grades from 81 per cent two weeks ago. The five-year average is 78 per cent with the 10 year at 76 per cent. Barley quality has dropped to 87 per cent grading 1 CW or better from 89 per cent with the five-year average at 84 per cent and the 10 year at 81 per cent. Canola quality at 87 per cent grading 1-Canada is currently well ahead of its five year and 10 year averages of 81 per cent and 79 per cent respectively. Seventy-four per cent of the dry pea crop is currently graded in top two grades in line with five and 10 year historical values.

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