Surprisingly good harvest quality being reported

Surprisingly good harvest quality being reported

The latest provincial crop report was repetitive — but in a good way.

The report (conditions as of Sept. 21) used the same phrase for all five regions in the province: “Quality is very good despite the difficult growing season.”

It says spring wheat falling into the top two grades ranged from 89 per cent in the South to 97 per cent in the North West.

For barley, the percentages grading 1 CW or malt ranged from 79 per cent in the South to 91 in the Central region (although while 88 per cent barley in the Peace graded 1 CW, only eight per cent made malt grade).

In the Central, North East, and North West regions, the percentage of canola grading 1 CAN were 90, 94, and 89 respectively with the Peace reporting 100 per cent of canola grading 1 CAN, but only 73 per cent in the South.

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