“The Use Of Pesticides Has Resulted In 30 Per Cent Lower Food Costs For Canadians.” – for Oct. 11, 2010

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It says the continued use of crop protection products and biotechnology play a pivotal role in helping them meet that challenge.

Without the use of pesticides, our food production would plunge by 40 per cent, a drop that would have a dramatic impact on our ability to feed a hungry world,” the report says

In addition to helping control disease and pests that can affect the quality of food, it says pesticides make food more affordable.

“The use of pesticides has resulted in 30 per cent lower food costs for Canadians. Plant biotechnology is helping to increase yields and provide more affordable foods for consumers. Through the use of plant science innovations, Canadian farmers are ensuring high productivity rates and increased food quality, giving consumers greater access to a wide variety of affordable foods.”



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