CropChatter: Swath, desiccate or let it be?

Many crops in Manitoba are not maturing as fast as growers would like, given the recent cool, damp weather in much of the province.

“Stagey” crops, big weeds (ragweed, buckwheat, kochia, redroot pigweed) and risks of weathering impacting quality have resulted in many calls to provincial ag department (MAFRI) staff about the differences/benefits of swathing, desiccating or letting the crop be.

In a CropChatter post yesterday, MAFRI’s Anastasia Kubinec and Pam de Rocquigny suggest that before deciding on one of those approaches, farmers should first look at the crop again. How many stages is the crop at? Is it just low spots that have not turned? Check out their post for more information.

CropChatter is a forum where farmers and public and private agronomists can share the latest information on crop management in Manitoba. Producers are invited to submit questions to the site.


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