Engage Agro to market Assail pesticide

A well-known broad-spectrum insecticide used against assorted pests in fruit and vegetable crops has a new Canadian distributor.

Guelph-based Engage Agro has signed on to become the exclusive marketer and distributor for all labelled uses of Assail, a Group 4A acetamiprid insecticide made by Japanese chemical firm Nippon Soda.

DuPont’s Canadian crop protection arm previously distributed Assail in Canada under license from Nippon.

Assail “is a well-recognized brand in Canada, with proven performance among fruit and vegetable growers alike.” Engage Agro president Ray Chyc said in a release, describing the agreement as “a great opportunity” for Engage Agro.

Engage Agro already handles TriStar insecticide and Senator fungicides on Nippon’s behalf in Canada.

Engage said it also plans to review “label expansion opportunities” for Assail.

Among its other uses, Assail, a neonicotinoid product, is registered for control of Colorado potato beetle and aphids in potato crops, and for control of alfalfa plant bug and suppression of lygus bugs in seed alfalfa crops.

Other crops already on the Assail label for control of various pests include bushberries, cole crops, field peppers, field tomatoes, grapes, ground cherries, leafy brassica greens, leafy vegetables, stone fruits, strawberries, sweet corn and tobacco. –– AGCanada.com Network

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