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Mexico, Barbados accept Canadian breeding cattle

The Mexican government has loosened its restrictions on Canadian beef and cattle to allow the import of breeding cattle from Canada.

In a release Saturday, the Mexican agriculture department said it will expand Canadian exporters’ market access starting next month to include beef and dairy breeding cattle, as well as previously allowed shipments of beef from cattle under 30 months of age.

Canada confirmed Mexico’s decision in a release Monday, noting also that Barbados has agreed to revised its conditions for imports of Canadian breeding cattle. Barbados will now accept “the full range” of Canadian beef and all breeding cattle, Canada’s agriculture and international trade ministers said.

The Mexican government’s release Saturday quoted its director for food safety, Enrique Sánchez Cruz, as saying his country had initiated discussion with Canada for the federal government to recognize Mexican states free of Newcastle disease (a serious and potentially fatal respiratory illness for chickens) and classical swine fever. No further details on those talks were mentioned.

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