Quebec flooding forces hundreds from homes

Montreal | Reuters — Flooding in towns across Quebec has forced hundreds of residents from their homes, and public security officials fear water levels will rise further with forecasters expecting rain Friday, local media reported on Wednesday.

Heavy rains early this week have flooded towns in several areas across the predominately French-language province, including two suburbs in the west of Montreal.

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre on Wednesday asked people living on the tiny island suburb of Ile Mercier to leave their homes, a city spokeswoman said. No deaths are believed to have been caused by the floods.

Radio Canada showed images of rescue workers rowing boats across flooded streets to help residents in the western Quebec town of Gatineau, which neighbours Ottawa.

Residents of some 300 homes in Gatineau are being advised to leave immediately, CBC reported.

Officials with the St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corp. on Tuesday announced reduced speed limits for vessels in the Montreal-Lake Ontario of the seaway, citing high water levels on Lake Ontario and the Upper St. Lawrence River.

Reporting for Reuters by Allison Lampert in Montreal. Includes Network files.


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