Saskatchewan harvest underway: Report

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CNS Canada – Harvest operations are underway in parts of southern Saskatchewan, according to the weekly crop report from Saskatchewan Agriculture.

Crops were reportedly rapidly drying down across the province, with many pulse crops being desiccated. Most crops remain in fair to excellent condition, although later-seeded crops need rain to help heads and pods fill, said the report. Early yield reports so far range from average to well-below average, depending on field and moisture conditions.

Most areas of the province did not receive any rain during the week ended July 30, although the Arborfield area reported 22 mm and the Macklin area 20 mm. Many southern and central areas have not received significant moisture for well over a month, and any future rainfall may be of limited benefit since most southern crops are quickly ripening.

Topsoil moisture conditions worsened since last week due to the lack of rain and hot temperatures. Provincial topsoil moisture conditions on cropland were rated as 39 per cent adequate, 43 per cent short and 18 per cent very short. Hay land and pasture topsoil moisture was rated as 33 per cent adequate, 39 per cent short and 28 per cent very short.

The majority of crop damage during the week was attributed to lack of moisture, strong winds and hot temperatures. There were some reports of grasshoppers in the south. Haying was wrapping up for some livestock producers and yields remain significantly lower than normal. Pasture conditions were rated as two per cent excellent, 25 per cent good, 37 per cent fair, 26 per cent poor and 10 per cent very poor.

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