Soggy conditions stress Saskatchewan’s crops


CNS Canada –– Crops were hit hard by rain in many parts of the province during the period of July 5-11, according to a report from the Saskatchewan government.

Lloydminster, Estevan and Carrot River were just a few of the communities hit hardest by the precipitation.

In some cases, areas in eastern and southern regions received over 100 millimetres of rain in just a few hours. Crops in those area have suffered lodging, wind and hail damage or been placed under standing water.

Leaf spot and root rot are already issues and the water is also raising the potential for disease pressures, according to one official.

Topsoil moisture is rated as 33 per cent surplus, 66 per cent adequate and one per cent short. Hay land and pasture topsoil moisture is rated as 18 per cent surplus, 81 per cent adequate and two per cent short.

Haying progress is at a standstill due to wet fields and high humidity. Saskatchewan livestock producers now have 19 per cent of the hay crop cut and 20 per cent baled or put into silage. Hay quality is rated as nine per cent excellent, 70 per cent good, 18 per cent fair and three per cent poor.

According to the report, 51 per cent of fall cereals, 69 per cent of oilseeds and 70 per cent of spring cereals and pulses are at normal developmental stages for this time of year.

Dave Sims writes for Commodity News Service Canada in Winnipeg.


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