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Published in 1950 by Manitoba Department of Agriculture Extension Service, Potatoes: Facts and Recipes was one of many free publications produced at the time by provincial and federal departments to encourage homemakers to use local products. Images courtesy of Bruce Peel Special Collections Library, University of Alberta

Digital exhibit brings history of Prairie food to your homes

Items selected from the University of Alberta’s Bruce Peel Special Collections 
Library show the history of cookbooks in Western Canada

Reading Time: 3 minutes Compiling a food history is complicated — it has to include culture, economics, politics, gender roles — and of course, recipes for chiffon pie. “Culinaria — A Taste of Food History on the Prairies,” a new digital exhibit by the University of Alberta, has it all. Co-curator Caroline Lieffers says she’s certain others will be […] Read more

Getting youth involved key to winning, says speaker

Reading Time: 3 minutes What can agricultural societies do to rejuvenate their membership and help rebuild a sense of community in rural areas? Think of yourselves in a new light and reach out to youth on their terms, says Peter Male. Male took that message to the recent annual general meeting of the Manitoba Association of Agricultural Societies and […] Read more

Provinces urged to follow Alberta and Ontario in setting up farmer-run helplines

Reading Time: 2 minutes Alberta and Ontario have established farmer-run helplines for struggling livestock producers and their accomplishments indicate similar services are needed across the country, says the man who runs the Alberta operation. “Every province should have one of these,” Darrell Dalton, interim registrar of the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association, told the National Farm Animal Care Conference. Alberta […] Read more

Severe lack of rural firefighters a cause for concern

Reading Time: 3 minutes When there’s an emergency, firefighters are often the first on the scene, and not only when there’s a fire. In rural areas, they deal with vehicle accidents and other emergency calls, so a shortage of firefighters can be a serious concern. Firefighters in rural areas perform essential services, but they have other jobs. Over 10,000 […] Read more

Ghost town comes alive to celebrate its centenary

More than 700 people flocked to Retlaw to celebrate its 100th Year Homecoming and experience its unique, ghostly appeal

Reading Time: 2 minutes There’s really not much left of Retlaw, but this August the Alberta ghost town came alive. More than 700 people flocked to the defunct town — some from as far away as Sweden — on Aug. 10 to celebrate its 100th Year Homecoming. “A lot of them remember some of the businesses and they shared […] Read more

MLA renews efforts to get farm worker safety legislation

David Swann contrasts Alberta’s animal care legislation with lack of similar legislation for farm workers

Reading Time: 2 minutes Calgary MLA and Liberal Agriculture Critic David Swann used the occasion of the annual Agriculture Safety Week to repeat his calls for health and safety regulations for farm workers. During a private members’ address to the legislature on March 11, Swann reminded the MLAs that Premier Alison Redford promised during her leadership campaign to address […] Read more

Reading, writing and collecting eggs

Reading Time: 3 minutes Reuters / The first clue is a sign “Fresh Eggs for Sale” in front of the school. There is a sheep pen on the baseball field and the sounds of farm animals greet pupils every morning. This is not your ordinary elementary school. It is the Walton Rural Life Center, a kindergarten through fourth grade […] Read more

Living his farm dream

Reading Time: 3 minutes Nestled into the rolling Thickwood Hills region of north-central Saskatchewan is the farm Jack Klassen regards as the fulfilment of a lifelong dream. Klassen’s dream, from the age of five, consisted of a farm located in the parklands, which would be secluded by forests, with an adjoining lake, plenty of wildlife, and a lifestyle that […] Read more

New Year’s resolutions…

Reading Time: 4 minutes In case you missed my last two articles (cue gasps of incredulous disbelief from me this time… How dare you not immediately flip to the Farm Life section? Where’s your heart?), let’s recap. Recently, I found myself making a list for how I want to live my life, and more importantly, the lessons I want […] Read more

Shoo Fly Plant

Reading Time: 5 minutes For starters, a music lesson without any audible music. Maybe kids are still learning this traditional children’s song in grade school and many adults already know it. Ah yes — there’s a plant connection too. ’Tis said houseflies, white flies and mosquitoes won’t stay in the same room, but only the gardener who grows Shoo […] Read more