Got a song in your heart and a desire to help others?

The Canadian Foodgrains Bank wants singers from across the country to help small-scale farmers in the Third World

The ‘Spring into Song’ concert package features music by Ron Klusmeier. In 2012-13, he and Christina Bogucki put on 126 concerts across the country to raise money for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.
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The Canadian Foodgrains Bank is looking for singers and musicians for an initiative called ‘Spring into Song.’

The goal is to have local groups put on fundraising concerts across the country on or near the 2016 Earth Day weekend (April 22-24).

The project is a joint effort by the Foodgrains Bank and Musiklus, a provider of church music founded by well-known church music composer and arranger Ron Klusmeier. In 2012-13, Klusmeier, who lives on Vancouver Island, and Christina Bogucki, also of Musiklus, put on 126 concerts across the country to raise money for the Foodgrains Bank.

This new initiative was designed to make concerts easy to mount, said the organization.

“Everything needed to organize and present a ‘Spring into Song’ concert is provided in a complimentary production kit and guide from the Canadian Foodgrains Bank and Musiklus.”

The program features “a highly accessible work comprised of music, narration, and projected images all linked by a common thematic thread of justice and the goal of ending hunger.”

It is designed for churches, schools, and community choirs, and requires minimal rehearsal commitments, said the Foodgrains Bank.

Money raised at the concerts, which will be matched by the federal government, will go to the organization’s Good Soil advocacy campaign to help small-scale farmers. Small-scale farmers make up the vast majority of producers in Africa, Asia and Latin America, but many are food insecure. The Foodgrains Bank program aims to assist them by investing in training, finance, infrastructure (such as better roads and crop storage), and value chains.

For more information on the ‘Spring into Song’ initiative, visit, email [email protected] or call 1-800-665-0377.

The Foodgrains Bank enjoys wide support in Alberta, with 32 growing projects in the province this year.

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