Bull sale pulls in buyers from all over North America

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Bidders were ready for action at the 113th Calgary Bull Sale. Angus bulls were the first on the block March 7 at the pavilion on the Calgary Stampede Grounds. Grant Hirsche, of Hirsche Here-fords & Angus Ltd., said in general prices on Angus bulls had dropped over previous years. “Prices are down a little bit from a year ago,” he said, estimating they were down an average of $1,000 a bull. He said he was expecting a bit of a price drop with the weather, adding he thinks the whole Angus market is down a little bit.

Lorraine Henderson of Little Poplar Grove Herefords sold her grand champion bull for $35,000. She said it’s the highest price she’s ever brought in. “You get excited,” she said.

Henderson said she was “numb” after a round of bidding ended with Crone Herefords winning. She said people were concerned because it seemed there wasn’t as much of a crowd as in previous years, but said it’d be hard to tell how Hereford prices were doing until the end of the day.

Doug Finseth, president of the Alberta Cattle Breeders, said during the sale so far it appeared prices were sitting similar to 2012. “It’s been great,” he said of the sale. “The support from the contributors and the buyers (has been) phenomenal.”

Buyers came from the West Coast and Central Canada, with some Americans arriving from as far away as Arkansas. “It’s as good a crowd as last year,” he said. He was happy to see the tradition of the Calgary Bull Sale continue, noting the annual sale is a benchmark for the industry.

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