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Grazing mentorship offered

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The Sustainable Grazing Mentorship Program (SGMP) assists producers in improving their forage operations through training. Experienced grazing mentors work directly with producers for either eight or 16 hours to develop a grazing plan tailored to the needs of the producer.

A grazing mentor is a respected producer peer with extensive grazing management experience and knowledge. A mentor can suggest grazing management options to help a producer improve profits, forage productivity, and land and water resources.

The producer can pay $100 and the program will pay the balance for the grazing mentor’s mentoring and travel expenses. Approximately 16 hours of mentorship will be provided. Alternatively, the producer pays $50 and the program pays the grazing mentor’s mentoring and travel expenses for eight hours of mentorship.

The third option is for four to six producers to meet for a six-hour group session with a mentor. You pay $30 per person and the program pays the balance for the mentor’s mentoring and travel expenses.

Contact the The Agricultural Research and Extension Council of Alberta (ARECA) at 780-416-6046 or visit



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