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Hennie Bos New Chair Of Alberta Milk Producers

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The Alberta Milk board of directors elected Hennie Bos of Bles-Wold Dairy as chair, succeeding Bill Feenstra who served for 10 years before mandatory step-down required by Alberta’s Marketing of Agricultural Products Act.

Joining Bos on the Alberta Milk executive are as vice-chairman Tom Kootstra and second vice-chairman Albert De Boer.

“I am proud to be able to serve Alberta’s dairy producers,” said Bos, “and I thank Mr. Feenstra for his years of dedication to the industry.” Bos has earned the support of Alberta’s dairy producers through his many years of involvement as a delegate and director of Alberta Milk. He has also represented Alberta Milk on the Dairy Farmers of Canada board of directors for the last two years.

“We must continue to maintain and strengthen our industry and the supply management system as our marketing choice,” says Bos, “both during World Trade Organization deliberations and in discussions on the new Agreement on Internal Trade. Our elected politicians and our consumers of dairy products should know that the system that ensures a reasonable return for dairy producers while guaranteeing a stable price and supply of milk for Canadians – without requiring taxpayer support – is worth preserving.”

Hennie Bos owns Bles-Wold Dairy north of Lacombe. Tom Kootstra owns Stradow Farms outside Ponoka and Albert De Boer’s dairy operation is outside Leduc.



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