New Angus Beef Logo And Program Announced

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The Canadian Angus Association (CAA) launched its new “Canadian Angus – Rancher Endorsed” branded beef program at the recent World Angus Forum in Calgary. The program is being offered to producers based on the Green Angus cattle tag program which guarantees at least 50 per cent Red or Black Angus genetics.

This program is aimed at consumers, says CAA general manager Doug Fee. “Consumers will gain increased access to Angus beef through better identification at the consumer level.”

This is the second attempt at a Canadian Angus beef program. The previous program had difficulty getting off the ground due to perceived conflicts with the Americanbased Certified Angus Beef (CAB) program (which only includes Black Angus cattle), considered to be the most successful beef-branding program in the world. The CAB branded beef program operates in Canada but involves almost exclusively imported American beef.

The new Canadian program is being offered by a number of Angus cattle and beef marketers who operate through a value-chain system. This program is different from the American CAB program as it offers not only a 50 per cent Angus genetics guarantee but age-verified, source-verified and premise-identified Canadian Angus cattle as well as the support and endorsement of the Canadian Angus Association.

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